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Here you can find past Newsletters and information on past Featured Artists and Presenters! Newsletters contain oodles of vendor opportunities for crafters, crafting session info, CCACG Event and Contest Info, free seminars, meetings, tips and tricks.

September 2015

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Critical Advertising

On Sept 29 We had an interactive session critiquing professional ads in print at our Business Networking with Artists & Crafters Session. The exercise asked participants to take a second look at a print ad, determining if the product being advertised was easily recognizable or was there perhaps a better avenue to get the correct message across. Goal: With a critical eye, look at photos advertising your craft to determine if the correct thought/message you intended is being displayed to the customer.

Barbara Justice-Rooks new adventure includes opportunities for artists and crafters.Her email: phone 910-389-6519

August 2015

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Heather Baldwin

Heather Baldwin had a simple but elegant display of her latest creations. She gave us the progression of her products as she experimented and learned new techniques, enticing new customers to buy and inspiring her repeat customers to keep coming back. She answered many of really in depth questions, drawing on her experiences and knowledge, which benefited the brand new business owners and good reminder to the 'seasoned' owners.

Dee Clark gave us a lot to think about as a small business owners, who hackers find most desirable. She gave us scenarios that showed that in our booth or business or every day life activities are vulnerable, giving us simple solutions to protect ourselves and our business. The handout she provided is something to read over periodically so when we become so complacent and comfortable we can be brought back to the "Real" world, that if given a chance someone will get your information unlawfully.

July 2015

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Jamie Dollahan

Jamie Dollahan does way cool fun and functional pieces with clay and vinyl and stained glass and.... Very talented fine artist and affordable.

Heather Baldwin presented the ins and outs along with valuable tips for selling in shops and at festivals. She provided information from her years of experience which included tips to maintain a productive booth in a shop, inventory control and staging tips for both the shop space as well as the event booth.

June 2015

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Rhonda Hallet- Arts Incubator

We had a lot of information shared by individuals at Business Networking Session last nite. One in particular is the Peace Festival coming up in July - Bradford Simmons shared the reason for this event and the concept is quite inspirational. Rhonda Hallet shared the process of how dreams grow into reality and then grow some more where it serves a multitude of needs. Kat Gray worked the visuals to go along with the introduction to Art Incubators which helped bring the concept to light. It was very interesting to see each person's idea of what a Brick and Mortar Art Incubator would include with the images they put together.

May 2015

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Vox-1 filled the room with music and laughter as he shared his passion of the performing arts as well as the mentoring he does for those performing artists that are willing to do the work. He shared with us the different projects his is working on ie, Local Idol, DJ services, and TV show. Check out his You-tube TV show (details inside the attached newsletter).

Melissa St Clair provided us with a 'do-able' method to keep the paper piles from getting out of hand. She gave us great suggestions on how to start the process of keeping track of important document as we get them and re-claiming our desk space. Remember to treat receipts like cash (they are important). Melissa provides virtual office support and has been a very active member in our community - she is busy as a bee. We extend our gratitude for the preparation and thoroughness this presenter provided to us (and to me). Good Times.

April 2015

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Greg and Anne Padgett were very comfortable demonstrating creative items and working with each other. You could easily see how they do well at Arts & Crafts shows. There items are very interesting especially when you hear how they are made and what they make them out of. Great job.

Katherine Gray provided us with excellent examples of the what you don't want to do on a business cards which is extremely useful when you go to re-order and create your first set. The examples of what a "good" card looks like was illustrated on the big screen and as a visual that we passed around. Katherine also provided examples of websites that did not send a message - any kind of message-- that the viewer would understand. These examples are extremely useful when you are setting up your own website or answering questions for the person creating your site. Great visuals and information.

Ray Chapman provided us with interesting way to create your 'elevator' speech. The background behind them and different approaches to creating your own story in a few seconds. He gave us three different 'elevator' speeches for his lapidary work depending on his audience. Everyone of these painted a clear picture of what he creates and he touched on the jargon that a particular listener would relate to. Great job and made it sound fun to try on your own.

Sylvia Avens of the Polynesian Festival and art exhibit shared opportunities for artisans. see attached. There is dinner and a show at the USO on May 9th tickets are available at 910-934-2338.

January and March 2015

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Don Van Hoy shared not only the knot tying functional use--he shared the story of this decorative yet functional craft and demonstrated the purpose of knot tying craft which made a couple of us jump. Very interesting and Don did a great job presenting.

Katherine Gray gave us lots of excellent and practical advise on booth set up and strategies. Her presentation illustrated the outdoor booth and indoor booth set up with diagrams, display options, and gave us thoughtful considerations that we may not think about in our bustle to sell our items. Her handout also included a simple way to track our sales. I could watch her presentation again and again! She covered every aspect! Very well done!

The February Business Networking session was canceled due to inclement weather.

Christina Fernandez did a great job on Jan 26 presenting the Chamber of Commerce Benefits package to our Small Businesses last night. It is amazing how much they do for the individual business owners as well as the non-profit organizations. Christina, Thank you for answering an array of questions and for the comprehensive presentation along with the packet you gave to each person there.

December 2014

Liz Johnson won the centerpiece that Nadine Miller made for the Potluck, Anne Padgett shows her gift from the gift exchange, Zoe Crane, Susan Sullivan, and Ray and Phyllis Chapman laugh at shenanigans, and Dave Voss, Katherine Gray and Pat Sullivan sing Christmas Carols.

Really, really had a good time last night at the Potluck Gathering! Love the laughter, the stories, the singing, the food and getting together. Thank you, Rhonda, for the introduction to iGive. Thank you, every one, for another fabulous year filled with new adventures, new partners and most of all... you all. Last night completes our 2014 year as a Non-profit 501(3)c, awesome.

November 2014

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October 2014

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Ray and Phyllis Chapman presented with passion - their craft. When you show excitement for your creative items, it becomes contagious - we all get swept up and drawn in. Great job !!

Kelly Wright presented the challenge of setting up a business in Jacksonville NC. With all her knowledge of the tax systems, she became overwhelmed when she discovered that there are 700 different types of businesses that are permitted / licensed.

Bottom line when you start a home based business and need to find out the specific permits / licenses specific to the type of business you are starting and need to meet all the requirements - call a toll free number to get the free consultation from the experts. 1-800-228-8443

August/September 2014

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Vox1 did a great job showing us several videos and photos of his diverse talents. He shared with us how he mentored Local Idol contestants (those willing to do the work) and their success in the music industry. He left us wanting to see more.

Kelly Wright of Liberty Tax covered a lot of tax information specific to small businesses working out of their home. She has agreed to come back Sept 30 to cover: starting up a home-based small Business and include all the local licenses required. Please mark your calendar and plan to attend. Kelly is well-informed, patient, and willing to provide us with answers to our questions.

July 2014

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Liz Johnson has mastered the art of the practical, functional, and attractive items she creates with her color selections which covers the spectrum in home decor. She gave the secret to a successful show in Jacksonville (we all have our own definition of 'successful') - hers is finding the one product she can make quickly, have plenty in stock and have customers coming back for more.

Onslow Times Article

She introduces a new item and offers them in different sizes and keeps her prices affordable to the Jacksonville market. Liz even received an order request at the meeting Tuesday night. Good Job, Liz!

June 2014

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What a wonderful presentation Katherine Gray made last night. Her unique and diverse talents are a welcome addition to our group. We truly appreciate all she has done for the Guild in such a short time.

Onslow Times Article

Rhonda Hallet's presentation on Strategic Planning covered prioritizing and answering the question "How" are we going to meet the customers needs. She gave us all balloons and the outcome of that exercise was unexpected! And lots of fun!

May 2014

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As Featured Artist, Patrick Sullivan, gave us all a wonderful experience with watercolor. He demonstrated how to blend colors and everyone worked on one large painting. The painting was finished before we left and signed "presented to Laura & Dave by: the Guild" Totally awesome and unexpected beautiful large painting.

Onslow Times Article

Rhonda Hallet presented Part two of Strategic Planning. She did an insightful and interactive exercise that generated the "what" we can do to meet the customers needs. There was a lot of laughter and great ideas. Part Three will cover the "how". Good times and knowledge.

April 2014

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Susan introduced us the process of the making glass art. She described how a molten "puddle" of the glass can turn into smooth sided - even round shapes in the glass kiln. Beautiful shards of colorful glass become layers engulfed in a pendant, earring or even a bowl. Susan even gave us some of her early pieces. She did a great job demonstrating the craft in glass art.

Onslow Times Article

Rhonda Hallet gave a presentation on the Strategic Planning that everyone in the room enjoyed. It was an interactive, vocal session where everyone joined in the brainstorming session and we were all in consensus (understand and support items listed that identified our customers and their needs). Rhonda used the Guild as the example group that we are seeking customers and determining their needs. Be sure to attend the May 27 Business Networking session for Part Two..

March 2014

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Heidi Thomas is our Featured Artist. She set up a nice display and shared with us how jewelry making helped to fill the void when the kids went to college. Heidi showed the eye-catching pieces that brought customers into her booth and by creating non-traditional or "sassy" jewelry her collection has something for everyone. Through the use of her Facebook page and by creating teachers gifts, she created a following of repeat customers. She is doing very well as a 'newby' to the crafts industry. Good job Heidi.

Last night Nancy Burt came through for all with tips, tricks, visuals, and handouts that would made it possible to take professional looking photos of your creations with supplies you have around the house. She introduced the camera manual in a way that made it less intimidating and provided us with down to earth translations to the camera lingo. Yeah, Nancy Burt. A sincere thank you for encouraging us to improve our skills.

January/February 2014

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Our Featured Artists Greg & Anne Padgett gave a wonderful demonstration. They shared their passion for their craft and gave tips for the trade. Their table display was functional and not overcrowded which provided ease to interact with customers. Great job!

Stephanie McGirl from SECU prepares taxes and not just for credit union members. She gave us a lot of insight of what auditors look for, items to double check to ensure the best return, and she offered to find answers for any questions we have. Stephanie is very knowledgeable, approachable person that does not use scare tactics to get information. We hope that she will be willing to come back again after the tax 'rush' is over.

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October 2012

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We gleaned several helpful and interesting tips from the Booth Design and Merchandising and then applied some of the tips with tables in the Small Business Center. We shared display ideas, pricing and merchandising experiences. good interactive session !! Thank you for being with us.

September 2012

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Eddie Holland provided good information without sounding like a "hungry salesman". He covered the basics on crafter's insurance and answered all kinds of questions on different types of insurance. No high pressure sales pitch or scare tactics.

June 2012

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Kate did a great job presenting her craft and she has an interesting story to tell about the name of her business.

10 Tricks for Improving Your Memory

May 2012

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It was great to meet the American Legion Auxiliary President, Sarah Wallack and to hear all the wonderful support they provide to a lot of different groups in our community as well as the Veterans. Patrick McGirl, President of the Onslow Shrine Club presented a video of one of the burn kids they were able to help. It is amazing to see how much the Shriners are able to do and the dedication they have to helping children.

Heather Baldwin gave instruction on Facebook business page, and advertising on Facebook. She makes it look so easy.